Thursday, September 1, 2011

A way with words

I've blogged before about Sydnee's super human way with words, but as it turns out I underestimated her abilities.

Just to recap, apparently I also can use words to my advantage. My parents always called me the teenage lawyer, in which I object to their opinion. But again, Sydnee is the super genius offspring of two of the smartest people I know (do I sound conceited? I should add that we are also very very ridiculously good looking)

After my birthday I was having a lazy day. You know the one where I haven't done my hair for a few days, I'm still in my pjs at 4pm, I'm still wearing glasses.... in short I'm super duper pretty. Ry is trying to talk me into getting dressed and going out for dinner. I am in turn snuggling further into my blanket on the couch and refusing. He tries threatening, tries sweet talking... all to no avail. I am NOT moving! We can get takeout and I can stay in my fugly cocoon until maybe tomorrow. For at least 30 minutes he keeps trying, and I keep pointing out that I am not going into public looking like this and I do not want to put effort into getting pretty. This conversation keeps going on and on (he should really learn already) finally Ryan throws his hands up and turns to Sydnee "Syd, can you make your Mom get up and do her hair so we can go out to dinner?"

Sydnee, wanting to go to On The Border, (her favorite) looks at me sweetly and says

"Mommy, can you go get

Oh I'm such a sucker for this little girl!

Needless to say... we went to dinner

Something good.... Becks starts preschool tomorrow. I KNOW that I am going to cry! LIKE a BABY! But he is really excited cause there are toys to play with


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  1. Ok, That is adorable! She is one sharp little girl to think like that! So cute!