Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tooth Fairy Trickery

Sydnee lost a tooth yesterday, actually more correct, Sydnee's tooth was loose and she did everything in her power to push that thing out of her mouth!

Then she told me of a brilliant idea. We were going to take the tooth and sprinkle pepper on it, then wrap it in aluminum foil.

When the tooth fairy opens the foil to get the tooth, the pepper will make her sneeze and all her money will fly out of her pockets!!

Devious plan huh?

So we wrapped the tooth and got it ready. Sydnee decided to write a letter to the tooth fairy because sometimes in the past, when she has lost a tooth and stayed the night at my parents' house the tooth fairy has forgotten where she was.

This time she (cough cough Dad/PopPop!) better not forget

The tooth fairy will totally get it right this time!

Our new toothless smile, just in time for her baptism in 3 weeks

The trick totally worked. Sydnee called me at work this morning before school and told me that the tooth fairy sneezed out $2.73! Ha Ha HA!! (cue evil laugh)

Syd then told me she was going to save her money so she could be a missionary!

I love this little girl!

Something good.... everyone is pregnant (not me!) but one of my best friends Brea just found out she's pregnant with TWINS!!!!


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