Wednesday, September 21, 2011

(Don't) Bend it like Beckham

Beckham started soccer a few weeks ago. And knowing how much this kid loves running and kicking balls I was so sure that this was the best sport for him (that and for some reason people have been asking me all his life if he was going to play soccer? I don't know why???)

Those previous pictures are all flukes. The referees love him, so they keep setting him up to kick the ball. I'm pretty sure this is because Becks would rather flirt with the girl refs, than run after a ball with a group of other kids. So most of the game looks like this....

His most favorite part of the game is when it's over and his Mommy gives him snacks and a hug. And then he always asks to go get a slush or ice cream.

Let's be honest, OF COURSE he was supposed to become a soccer star! But he is still only 4 and he just got a new team coach (HAHAHAH Poor Ryan got suckered in) So we'll see, and if not I will have hours of entertainment watching Beckham flirting, and watching clouds in the sky while the soccer ball goes rolling past him

Well good thing he's so cute.... maybe he could become a model?

Something good.... I made mochi, which is my favorite Hawaiian dessert. Maybe it's actually not that good cause I ate the whole pan by myself! But it's so YUMMY!


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