Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bedtime Stories

Sydnee's (and Beckham cause he likes whatever she likes) favorite thing at night is for me to tell her stories about when she was smaller. Last night Syd watched a movie that scared her so she asked to sleep with me. Then oh so very sweetly she asked if I would tell her stories.

I worked extra this week. As in 60 hours of work. And when I told Sydnee I had to work today she got sad but then wouldn't tell me why. After some coaxing she said that she didn't want to make me sad by telling me that she didn't want me to go and work so much.

How could I refuse snuggling and stories to that?

So with both kids all snuggled into my bed. Beckham holding Twinkle Star (his blanket) and Sydnee having Jack (her stuffed dog) Each kid got one story each.

Beckham's story was about how when he was a baby and we had bought our current house we had to spend an entire month renovating it. Beckham was 7 months old and I couldn't let him crawl on the plywood floor so I put him in the box the fridge had come in.

It reminds me of how my Mom used to tell me stories of how when I was small she would take me to my Grandpa's Veterinarian Office and put me down to nap inside one of the kennels while she used the washer and dryer.

Sydnee's story was about how messy she was as a toddler.

And by messy I don't mean blue food coloring all over my brand new tile and grout (which doesn't come out) even though that all happened.

It means that when Sydnee was a toddler every single gooey, slimy, messy thing she could find went into her hair!

That was her uh-oh Mommy found me face

But the absolute WORST thing she ever did was putting an entire container of Bag Balm into her hair.

Bag Balm is a really really REALLY thick Vaseline. It's the absolute best diaper cream. And one afternoon while she was supposed to be taking a nap in her room, Sydnee was quietly spreading the entire tin into her hair!

I think I may have cried when I got her up from her nap. Plus, this stuff is water proof. So how exactly was I supposed to get it out of her hair?

I googled it and read and one suggestion was to use corn starch. Well I didn't have corn starch and I was babysitting my friend's daughter and didn't have a car seat for her. So I called my lovely visiting teacher who was a Grandmother and I figured all grandmother's have corn starch right??

I loaded greasy head and Abri into the wagon and walked over to get it.

I ended up washing Sydnee's hair 3 times with it. I would let it soak in and then rinse it all out. Then take her out of the tub and clean it out and then start the bath all over again.

She looked like a little old lady. And even though it did come out she still had greasy hair for about a week.

Sadly, this wasn't Sydnee's only bout with Bag Balm. When she was 2 she did this again. Except that she also covered her ENTIRE crib! By this time I learned that using Dawn dish soap can take out the grease better than corn starch, but unfortunately there was no saving the crib!

Even with that messy face and white powdery hair, don't you just LOVE that adorable face?

Something good.... Egg nog is officially in stores!!! My absolute FAVORITE!!


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