Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anniversary and sickness

Remember how I mentioned that I got married so some random stranger about a year ago? Well we celebrated that with a night up in Denver. To be perfectly honest, I bought tickets to Les Miserables and just happened to time them for that weekend.

I mean, I was always going to go to that show anyway. Now I just had a really good excuse to buy 3rd row tickets..... hehehe

But then I got sick. I was diagnosed with H. pylori when I was in high school. All I remember was that my stomach constantly hurt and I chugged Pepto Bismol like Coca-Cola (I hate chalky substances so this is a very big deal)

My stomach started hurting the day before the play. And not hurting with any purpose, just pain like having a migraine in your abdomen. I didn't want to eat, I was exhausted, I felt nauseous, I felt dizzy... good times!

But nothing was going to keep me from my Marius!

So armed with a bottle of Pepto, I braved the night of having to sit still and not being able to thrash side to side. Oh and I took that random guy with me too

Don't be impressed by the hair, it's put up because I didn't have the energy to actually do it.

I have a picture of myself in this pose at almost every show I've seen at the Temple Buell theatre in Denver, I felt like junk but I had to at least be pretty. I mean, what if Marius could see me from the stage? And he had to run to me in the middle of the performance? And???

Sorry, day dreaming while typing

Yes, I'm married, but Marius has been on "the list" since I was 15, so it's all good

You know it's an anniversary night, and you booked a hotel, and the kids are all gone, and you got Cheesecake Factory white chocolate cheesecake for dessert, and you get back to the hotel, take one bite of cheesecake (which your husband then steals and hoovers into his mouth, still not happy about that) and then you zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

That's right folks, I planned a special day and evening (did I mention we had a couples massage earlier in the day?) but I was so sick I PASSED OUT! I've never passed out, like something I would imagine if I had ever been intoxicated (which I neva evaa have) unless that Pepto had something in it????

The next day was spent with me continually drinking pink chalky nasty stuff and driving to ALL (4) the Target's in Denver for Ryan to search for magical rare Transformers.... sense my excitement?

It was our actual anniversary and we planned on taking the kids to a nice"r" dinner. And then I fell asleep at 2pm, and did not awaken until the next morning.

I'm a rock star wife!

Let's recap.....

Couples massage

Made my husband go to a depressing (and so amazing!) Broadway Musical where everybody dies

Passed out during dessert in bed (not like that get your mind out of the gutter)

Transformers while whining and drinking from a bottle

Leaving him to do everything while I got 16 hours of beauty rest on our anniversary, I think he finally took the kids and got Taco Bell....


Something good.... Beckham started soccer last weekend. And I took my camera which didn't have a memory care (grrrr) BUT he plays again this weekend and I plan on getting some sweet action shots. Like when he flirts with the refs while the other kids play.... that's my boy!


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  1. for a sick girl you look beautiful! Happy anniversary!