Thursday, September 22, 2011

You know that one time in Hawai'i

Since I did that whole wedding and marriage thing just over a year ago, we also went on some traditional post wedding vacation. Where did we go?? Well to the land of my ancestors (no not Arkansas) we went to Hawai'i. And while for months and days and basically years of my life there has always been a camera constantly documenting every moment, for some reason there are only very few pictures of this. And sadly the best picture of us together is blurry

Everyone always asks how Hawai'i was and where all the pictures are. Well there aren't many pics and most of them are really bad. I have a few amazing landscape pics which I'm going to blow up and turn into art in my room, but of us having the time of our lives, not many documented pics. Part of this is good because for some reason I was meant to flash the entire island of Hawai'i.

Why not tell this story, it's pretty funny.

Our first day going to a beach I didn't want to go to Waikiki (I'm such a beach snob) and Hanauma Bay was closed so we kept driving and ended up at Sandy Beach.

The reason that this particular beach is named Sandy is because the waves are so strong it kicks up the sand. And so after a few times riding in the waves I decided to go lay down. As I'm standing up I hear "Rin your ....." I couldn't really hear Ryan cause he was quite a ways away but I look over and he's gesturing at me. Finally I look down and realize my suit has decided to shift in the most inappropriate places and I seem to be giving Sandy beach quite a good show.

I cover up, turn 5 shades of purple and walk up to my towel. Past a few guys who made appreciative comments to my um.... huge tracks of land. Well at least they were appreciative, they could have been more like, ewww that's gross lady.

A few days later we went to North Beach to snorkel, I had bought a new suit and we had a lovely day of swimming and laying out. No incidents, suit stayed where it should. All in the clear. We get into the car and start driving. And I'm changing my clothes so we can go to get some food. While I'm changing Ryan asks me to get something out of the back seat (I think it was the GPS cause he needed it right that second) so I turn around and start digging through our stuff. A few moments later I hear a honk behind me. As I look up past my UNTINTED windows and straight into the windshield of a lifted truck and a group of surfers who are applauding and yelling at my again nakedness.....

So by now I've flashed half of the island of Oahu.

A few days later Ryan and I were walking to Waikiki from our hotel, I'm wearing my new suit which is a tankini and hasn't failed me. I'm wearing a lavalava wrap and it's really windy. As we're walking I feel the strap on my bottoms come undone. So I stop and grab it. But it hadn't come undone, it had broken and there was no possible way to fix it. Of course at this exact moment, Kapua (the hawaiian god of mischief) made the wind pick up like it was a hurricane. So the wind is blowing my wrap all over my body except for the place I need most covered at this moment. I'm holding the wrap, the suit and shuffling slowly. Ryan stood in front of me so I could get the suit bottom off and hold the wrap together as we SLOWLY walked back to the hotel.

Needless to say, maybe I should be glad there aren't many pictures of me in Hawai'i cause most of the time I was more natural than I normally prefer.

Something good... I have tomorrow off! Like a whole ENTIRE day! (kinda) And I'm finally going to get to go celebrate Li's bday.

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  1. lol...they are going to ban you from Hawaii if you aren't careful :)