Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A lot of love

I feel like Sydnee has had a rough past few years. She's had constant support and love from me and my parents but she's been dealt a rough hand.

She's been affected by the divorce just as much as I have, probably more. And we're both still hurting. I know that every big event in her life feels like as great as it is, there's still that one big part missing.

We've been talking about her baptism for the past year at least, and it's been an absolute blessing but also with that little stab of pain. I'm so proud of her. Proud that she thinks deeply about what songs she choose for us to sing, and who should speak and pray. She was so excited and also really serious about what is going to happen. It gives me hope that even through everything I have taught her about faith and steadfastness.

One of the absolute blessings that is coming from this, is the family that is coming and surrounding her with love. So that she knows, how special she is, and how she has never been alone.

Her grandparents, aunts, uncles and a whole mess of Iannoli-side cousins are coming to Colorado for her baptism and I am absolutely ecstatic! One of the most painful parts of what has happened is the fear of losing part of my family, so to have all of them coming basically is making me cry almost daily out of love, happiness and absolute anxiety!!

This whole post is rambling and kinda weird but I guess that I just wanted to write down how loved we feel. How blessed I am to know that a family doesn't disappear just because there is a horrible divorce. That love is love, and families are forever. I know I feel blessed and so incredibly grateful for the love that is being shown for Sydnee.

You know that Sydnee is truly smiling when you can see her dimple.

This picture gives me so much joy

Something good.... my sister just sent me an ultrasound picture of her peanut with arms and legs!


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  1. having family to support you through the highs and lows is so important! So excited for her to be baptized, she is beautiful!