Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodbye Summer

The leaves are starting to change. Our summer of playing in the sun is over :(

But we had months of playing in the sun, and A LOT of swimming! The kids loved the Lifetime pool and asked EVERY DAY if we could go swimming. We didn't make it every day, but we went enough.

The kids also started swimming lessons. Sydnee is a rock star swimmer. She has started to become an amazing little swimmer and does something new every week. I also think she kinda has her first crush on her swim coach Zach. She just really looks forward to class and was really upset when Zach told her he was taking a month off from teaching.

Beckham on the other hand is doing swimming lessons like he does everything else. He's in it to play and I don't know if he's learning anything.

They LOVE the water!

Beckham is such a crazy kid I made him wear a life jacket cause knowing him he would chase after his sister and then forget how to even float. He's just my wild child and I'm always worried he's going to break himself

Swimming lessons (really crappy pics from my phone)

At least I can say he's never been afraid of the water

Sydnee would stay at the pool all day if she was allowed. She's a little mermaid child. She even started trying to teach Beckham how to hold his breath under water.

Mommy and Becks (and my tracks of land, if you can name that movie I'll give you $1)

Beckham kept asking random kids if he could play with their toys so we got him a swimming Squirt.

Self portrait. Have you noticed that Sydnee has a new beauty mark on her left cheek? The Iannoli family is famous for their beauty marks and I'm always wondering if my kids will get them too. I think Sydnee's is adorable, it has literally come up in the past few months.

Beckham loved laying on the warm ground, he spent a lot of time laying out

Sometimes Syd would join him (how much longer can her legs get??)

Fun in the Sun buddies!!

Something good.... since it's fall, and next weekend is General Conference that means we are going to the PUMPKIN PATCH! I'm so excited!


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