Monday, August 29, 2011

What I was doing 1 year ago

Reading this you might sometimes forget that I got married almost 1 year ago. Or maybe I haven't mentioned it....hmmm, might be guilty of that. But nevertheless I got married a year ago, and now I've told you. Anyway, about 1 year from today ago (did that make any sense?) I had a bridal shower thrown by my best girlie Lisa (do I talk about Li too much? Are you wondering if I actually am married to her? Understandable) Well I'm pretty sure Li did more for the wedding than I did, including throwing me a rockin bridal party!

My custom shirt says BRIDE on the front and Mrs. Jorgensen on the back. Still haven't changed my name though, and I hyphenated it. But one of these days I'm going to go to the DMV and get my license changed, maybe by my 2nd anniversary....

Me and Li

Li made me play Groom handman, or actually the opposite. She asked me a bunch of questions about Ry and put the pieces on if I got the question right. I did pretty good, but I maintain that he changed some of his answers from things he had previously told me (he actually agreed to that when I talked to him)

Sassy pants had a great time at the party. She opened most of the presents.... I say only MOST cause you know some people, like Li, thought that giving me something that rhymes with "watchless" was funny for me to open up in front of my mother.... alright it kinda was funny

Have you noticed the glasses in these pics? And the fact that I absolutely HATE wearing glasses? Well about 2 weeks before the wedding I thought I was getting pink eye. I went to the dr who looked and said that my eyes had multiple microscopic ulcers. I've been diagnosed with this before but it wasn't as serious. Basically my ulcers were growing and were close to ruining part of my sight (think of how a blind dog has that milky eye covering) This was caused by my contacts, the specific brand that I had. And then the optometrist (who I happen to be friends with his wife) told me I wouldn't be able to wear contacts for a month. This was followed by me bursting into tears, knowing the wedding was in 2 weeks and we were going to Hawaii for our honeymoon. He backed off and said that if I took liquid gold eye drops (I'm not kidding this one ounce bottle costs $200, thank you insurance) and swore I would try to sleep a lot and wear my glasses he would allow me to wear my contacts for the wedding day and a few hours each day after that. I went to the dr almost every 3 days for the next 2 weeks (again, thank you insurance) and 3 days before the wedding he said that they had healed really well and I could wear the MOST EXPENSIVE CONTACTS AVAILABLE (kinda thank you insurance, you don't cover much)

Well that was my long winded boring story of why Koren is wearing glasses in a lot of the pictures in August and right before the wedding.

Something good.... We're actually planning on doing something for our anniversary! Tickets, massages, hotel.... yeehaw!


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