Monday, August 15, 2011

2nd Grade Sassy

Sydnee started 2nd grade today. As we were walking hand in hand (I know that won't last much longer) to her class I asked her if she just wanted to stay home forever and become a bum. She said no way and that she liked school (another thing that won't last much longer)

I took the morning off of work, I didn't do this for 1st grade and I'll always regret it. So, family rule from now on is
"The Mommy shalt attend and oversee the preparation of first days of school, thus saith the Mommy"

Can't I make up my own family rules? I am the Mommy....

I made Sydnee cinnamon rolls for breakfast since they are her VERY favorite and strawberry milk. As a toddler and being lactose intolerant Sydnee was only allowed to drink Soy Milk, she hated it! The dr finally told me to try a little bit of strawberry syrup (cause she also hates chocolate...weird girl) She has since only liked strawberry milk

Yesterday there was a tragic accident of epic proportions (can you tell I'm feeling dramatic?)

Sydnee was trying to get a cup from the cabinet, and while she was climbing up she placed her arm on the HOTTTT stove! We're really lucky that the burn isn't too bad, but she had an ice pack on it all day and then I bandaged it up.

Poor baby, she got a lot of extra love and attention from Mommy!

The classic first day of school pose (see the bandaged arm?)

I have to make a comment about Sydnee's outfit. She picked out a dress and sandals with matching bows from Crazy8 a few weeks ago. While at meet the teacher, her teacher stated that they would be having PE the first day and no sandals were allowed. Sydnee was devastated, so I reassured her that she could wear her outfit on the SECOND day and she got to pick a new sparkly shirt for her first day. (Yes, I will dress her up and take pictures tomorrow too)

He already misses her. After we dropped her off he asked when we could go get her again?

Please ignore the dorky glasses Mommy, she wanted a picture of us together

This is my new favorite picture of my heartbreakingly beautiful baby girl

I just like this picture for Beckham's face

Have a GREAT day Sydnee!!!

I'm excited that 3 other kids from our ward are in the same class, I'm REALLY excited that her teacher seems amazing, I'm excited that her teacher doesn't believe in paper worksheets homework (YAY!!!) I'm excited that my baby is growing up so beautifully.... but on that note I'm going to go cry because my baby is growing up!

Something good.... Beckham's comment last night when I told him he was going to Nana's

"What if she leaves me alone.... and I get HICCUPS!?!?!"

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