Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

This shall be my last birthday.... from now on I will only have "Anniversary's" of my 28th bday. So since we've all agreed that I will not be getting any older we can now move on to my bday celebration.

My Mother celebrates her birthday for an entire month, I pushed it this year and celebrated mine for an entire weekend (my birthday was Monday) So Saturday we went out as a family, had a sushi lunch (Sydnee ate SUSHI) and did a little shopping. That evening Ry and I went with some of my best friends to Maggiano's Italian Food in Denver. This is one of my favorite places to go. It was so much fun!

Ry and I leaving the house

On the way to Denver I wanted a Coke Slush (my favorite)

At Maggiano's

Lisa, Krystal and I

Li and I. This girl is practically my sister

Ry totally spoiled me all weekend

Dinner was a blast, amazing food, hilarious conversation, and more and more FOOD! I literally had 8 boxes of leftovers. We had 3 other couples come with us

Rena and Rick

Krystal and James

Chad and Lisa

I really dislike cake! So for dessert we had Creme Brulee and Cheesecake. And I got candles to blow out! I can't remember that last time I had candles. Perfect way to celebrate my final birthday

This is my thinking about my wish face

Make a wish

My girls!

Krystal, Lisa, me and Rena

Amazing memories! Totally a night to remember

Something good.... I got some amazing gifts, including; coach purse, guess shoes, bluray, movies, candles, jewelry, and so much LOVE


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