Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I got to go to the Josh Groban concert last week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Josh Groban. I am one of those true dorky fans who would scream and cry if he ever talked to me. I've been to 2 other concerts of his before, so when it was announced he was touring again I had to get tickets.

4 years ago and the 2nd concert I went to (and the first Josh concert in CO I've been to) I had tickets but the person who was supposed to come with me bailed. I didn't have any real friends in CO but I was the visiting teacher to a girl who worked in Denver so I asked if she knew who Josh Groban was? She didn't but agreed to come with me anyway.....

And that night, with the strains of "Remember when it rained" a beautiful friendship between Lisa and I was born.

Lisa is now a devout fan who knows almost as much as I do about his music.

So we got tickets and went early to Denver to catch a quick dinner before the show.

There is this hole in the wall Mexican food place that is across from the Aquarium in Denver, I always wonder if it is any good so since it was close Li and I decided to try it out

Like any self respecting girl from AZ my tastes of Mexican food are pretty high. And I am pleased to report that Tapas was AMAZING!!!! BEST Mexican food I've had in CO and I will definitely be going back and even looking for reasons to go to Denver so I can eat there again!

As we were walking to the concert as the photography weirdo obsessed girls we are we stopped on a cute bridge and took some pictures.

Ahhh the concert! I get giddy just knowing I'm in the same building with Josh. We sat at what we thought were our seats, next to a grumpy old man who was angry when we were talking during the opening act. How was I supposed to not talk when a guy is BANGING on the piano while standing and thrusting at it, all while whipping his head back and forth? (and not in the cool Willow Smith way)

So we checked our tickets and realized we were in the wrong seats and started to move, but while we were moving we found even better seats which were all EMPTY! (this was the most empty Josh concert I've ever seen, normally it's sold out. I'm thinking they didn't promote very well)

But our seats were great! From my seat, just using zoom these are some pictures I got!

You can't tell but behind us is an entire section of empty chairs. I had my feet up during most of the concert

Josh Groban is funny, that's one of my favorite things is how much I laugh during his concerts. There was a sign saying that you could text Josh a question during the concert. One of the questions was from a guy sitting up behind me, he asked; "Dear Josh, can my wife meet you so we can move on with our marriage?"

HILARIOUS!!! So Josh ran up the aisle right past me to meet the guys wife. I am respectful, I'm not going to grab my dream guy as he's running past me.... I'm just going to take a picture

Later I went and stood next to the barrier around the stage for some better shots. And basked in the glowy awesomeness that is Josh!

Je t'adore

Something good.... Sydnee was DEVASTATED that I didn't get her a ticket for this concert too. So I promised that next time he comes (which she is assuming it will be next month) I will get her a ticket too. I'm really excited about that, and I wish he was coming back next month


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