Monday, August 29, 2011

Can't keep hiding

I know that my blog is open, it's not private. That's intentional but I know that it also means that I don't post certain things about my life. Not because I'm worried about a random creep finding out details of me and my kids. It's partly because of some of the people that I know finding out details that I don't think they deserve to know, and also partly because I'm almost scared to rant or rave about what good things are going on. I don't want to hurt the feeling of people who I will always care about. But it's not fair to me. It's not fair that this is my life, and I'm taking the horrible and heartbreaking situation that I was in and I'm making it better. I'm happy, let me write that again for you....I'm happy. I am truly enjoying my life, my family and the new and exciting changes it is bringing. I am not hiding this anymore. If SOMETHING GOOD is happening, I want to write about it. This is my personal and family record, I want it to be true. The joys I've had in the past will never change, I'm just allowing my heart to grow.

You have been the one for me.
Lost in a February song.


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