Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Check off my list

I had a list this summer.... a list for me, a list for Syd... all the things I wanted to accomplish. And while MOST of them didn't happen (painting the kids' rooms) one of the BIG ones did.


Honestly, I know that most of everyone reading this is thinking, "So what? My 3 year old can ride a bike." Well I'm happy for you, but my 7 year old has had a little bit of stress in the past few years, combined with VERY poor balance (seriously, she is so uncoordinated) and a HUGE fear that she's going to fall she won't even try, means that Sydnee would not try to learn to ride a bike. She was perfectly content with her scooter and would NOT let anyone try and teach her. She did not believe they wouldn't let her fall and wouldn't allow anyone near her.

My Dad finally convinced her that he would roll her down a driveway and had her uncle standing there to catch her at the end. Well she did that, realized that she could balance herself and then proceeded to RIDE AROUND THE STREET BY HERSELF!!!!

Literally, 5 seconds of fear and then she took off! And since she accomplished one part of her list, while I don't think I've actually done anything, we went to the store and she got to pick out a new bike.

She is now constantly begging to go out and ride her bike, and she can't wait for school to start so she can ride her bike to school.

Something good.... Confession, I LOVE cheesy dance movies! Step Up 3 just came to Netflix and I was giddy!


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