Friday, June 3, 2011

What do I do???

I need some help, I always forewarn people (especially the people who could become victims) about Sydnee. Even the side bar of my blog talks and warns about this. But I don't know how to respond or punish for this....

Sydnee manipulates babysitters. Anyone who she can get away with suckering, it will happen.

Let me explain how this works, Sydnee is 7 years old. She basically takes care of herself, mentally, physically, she's brilliant. I always say and feel that Sydnee "allows" me to be her Mom, and some days she basically tells me she knows better and she notices EVERY single thing I do that is not perfect.

But when this really comes into play is when there is a babysitter in my home. Sydnee will decide she wants to be in control and will come up with a huge FAKE story to convince these people and make them panic. Things such as.....

*She NEEDS to take her medicine (She's not on medication)

*She is DEFINITELY allowed to paint her nails on the carpet of the living room

*She NEEDS the TV on while she sleeps or she cannot sleep(the babysitter couldn't even get the TV to turn on BECAUSE she has NEVER EVER watched TV while she slept, and the TV just happened to be sitting in her room not even plugged in)

*She MUST have cold yogurt (frozen gogurt) before she sleeps because it helps her sick tummy (Syd is lactose intolerant and this actually was something she convinced my SISTER about... you know her Aunt Klair who has known her her entire life)

And tonight's emergency....

*She could NOT find a shirt to sleep and therefore could not possibly go to sleep.

Now, I know these may sound like really simple requests that any person would realize are not true and just tell her they weren't happening. What the issue is, is that Sassy (appropriate nickname) is so completely convincing that babysitters will call me 4 TIMES about this crisis. Literally, will have them freaking FREAKING out thinking this is the end of the world, or they will completely give in (KLAIR) and give them an extra snack.

When I saw the multiple messages and calls after the movie tonight (LoVe XMen) Ryan made a comment about that I shouldn't be shocked and she is my little hybrid Frankenstein. That between me (I'm not going to name my super powers) and R (who is a super villain genius) she was always destined for greatness. The question is greatness at WHAT??? I want her to learn to not lie or have the need to be in control of others. Most of the time she is the sweetest, most intuitive girl. In fact the very people she suckers absolutely rave about how sweet and helpful she is, that's part of her genius plan.

I'm not going to make her do extra chores because I think punishment with chores will just make her hate them, I think that leads to being a messy adult. Making her sit in her room will make her dislike her room and her bed is for sleeping.... I know we are going to have a SERIOUS talk in the morning, and I'm going to make her write an apology letter and deliver it. But I don't know what to do to really let her understand how wrong this is? And would really like some creative suggestions, please?!?

My beautiful hybrid genius child. R's hair color, my curly hair. R's dimple, my nose....

This is not a posed picture, this was her not wanting to smile for Halloween pictures.

Something good.... I will admit, I was actually a TEENY TINY bit amused that she is that smart, I may have actually laughed at her ability to fool a 17 year old. And I really laughed when she fooled her own Aunt! (come on milk products for her lactose intolerance?!?)

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