Thursday, June 16, 2011

No matter what I do he keeps growing up!

Beckham had his annual dr appt yesterday, along with his last 5 shots until he's 11 years old (can't even imagine that or I'll start crying) I didn't really warn him what exactly was coming I just told him right before we left that we had to go see a dr. Sadly, he mistook this for thinking he was going to work with me....

I love this smile, it's his "I'm smiling... SEE!!!"

Have you ever noticed the blanket that is in a million pictures with Becks? It is his favorite thing and he has named it Twinkle Star. I've had this blanket since Sydnee was a baby. I actually think I bought it when Sydnee was still in the NICU. I know it's blue, but it had stars and I loved it!

Syd is wearing a preemie outfit in this picture and she's probably around 3 weeks old

He loves this blanket and if he ever gets in BIG trouble he loses Twinkle Star for a night.
This is probably the worst punishment I could ever do and it's only happened twice, it's pretty effective. Since I knew he was going to be getting shots I let him take Twinkle Star and leave it in the car

Last year Becks was only in the 10th percentile for height. This year he's 41 inches which puts him in the 45th percentile... I'm not sure, he's 4 1/2 and he's still wearing 3T shorts. Plus the scale weighed him in at 37.4lbs and every morning when he stand on my scale (he just does it himself cause he likes seeing the numbers) he weighs 35.5 lbs.

He thought having his arm SUPER SQUEEZED was so funny

He would NOT take his eye test seriously! He talked like a pirate cause he got an eye patch and then would say the wrong shape on purpose every time!

He was really concerned about having to wear a dress! This is exactly a typical Beckham face when he is telling you something very important

"Mommy, this is a pizza, it is a circle, see?"

I did finally warn him before we went into the appointment that he was going to have to get some shots in his legs. I told him that he has to get shots so he will grow up healthy. And then I promised him a popsicle and to watch Backyardigans when we were done, and reminded that Twinkle Star was waiting in the car

This is our afraid of shots face

"Mommy, take a picture of me and then let me see it!"

He is my happiness in life. He is the sweetest boy. No matter what may be going on, Beckham can bring a smile to my face, and can always melt my heart

All day after his shots he made me carry him around because his legs hurt. I felt bad because the one time I did see him walking he was limping. Poor guy!

Here are Beckham's stats...

Height- 41 inches

Weight- 37.4 lbs

Hearing- 100%

Vision- 20/20

B/P- 80/40

I love this kid!

Something good.... I got a Shu Emura eye lash curler. It is amazing! I normally have short straight eyelashes and right now I have huge curled lashes!


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  1. He is adorable! Very similar in size to my 4 year old:)