Monday, June 20, 2011

Morgan's 1st birthday pics

I haven't even posted a quarter of all the pics I've taken of Morgan this past year. We've taken pictures every month. and Lisa and I at times have gone crazy finding outfits and props.

She's gotten so big!

Lisa's favorite holiday is the 4th of July. We have HUGE parties every year. Morgan's middle name was almost Liberty. Chad and Lisa are both huge USA pride people. Lisa and I called this picture Baby Betsy Ross

My neighbors have this photo session of 4 pictures of each of their kids on their 1st birthday. I'm still working on the coloring of it, but it was so fun! We took my curtains down (reminds me, I need to go get new curtains...) And we lined everything with towels and made Sydnee help us in case Morgan decided to try and move

Happy girl with a cake and a candle....

Hmmmm, what is this stuff?


Don't bother me, I'm eating

YAY!! Let them eat cake

Something good....Lisa got a new amazing job, she's going to be traveling all over. I'll miss being able to see her all the time, but I'm really excited and proud!


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