Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Morgan's 1st Birthday

Morgan Lewis turned 1 this past week. Considering that I knew her Mommy was pregnant with her before she told her hubby and Lisa calls me her 2nd Mommy it is completely bittersweet. I can't believe she's was born a year ago, and since I've gotten to take her pictures every month I really feel like I'm seeing my baby become a little girl. We decided to go to the Denver Zoo. Morgan's Daddy, Chad, has been out of town working for the past few weeks so Lisa and I took the kids by ourselves (Lisa's brother and SIL came with their kids too)

It was a perfect day! The kids were great, the weather was really nice and I had a blast. I LOVE the Denver Zoo, I used to have a membership and every time I go I'm tempted to get another one.

All the kids top to bottom, left to right

Ryan, Gavin, Brayden, Beckham, Sydnee, Morgan and Joy

The Birthday Girl! I may have bought her this outfit when she was a few weeks old, and may have gotten her the bow for her bday to match

Beckham De Koa, he was so happy that he got an entire day playing with Mommy where I didn't leave to go to work (I'm on call A LOT). Every time I'm home in the morning he asks if I can not leave at all during the day and lay in bed with him at night. If I do have to leave he gives me at least 5 kisses and I've learned to stand by the front door after I close it because he will open it and demand just ONE MORE KISS! I love it, I know he won't want to kiss me forever so I will give him as many kisses as needed so he's not as sad when I have to go to work

Sydnee Lehua, I was walking around Hobby Lobby (dangerous store, my money seems to jump out of my pocket whenever I'm there) and I decided to see if I could make Syd a dress. I got fabric and made her a dress without a pattern. Just cause I wanted to see. It is really cute, I'm pretty proud at what 2 hours of my day can result in

Gavin Lewis, he's 4 months older than Becks. This whole trip I had frequent flashbacks to his 1st bday party

Ryan, my little Ryan was diagnosed with Asperger's this past year. I'm not his Mommy but I've been extremely close and the past few years finally getting some help for him has been so stressful. He is doing absolutely wonderful and I've really seen a huge change in him getting better

My cutesy (Beckham's word) kids and a pic of Sydnee's whole dress

Flamingos, Denver Zoo is so pretty but the flamingos are stinky and Beck's didn't want me to stop and take a picture

Me and Li, she's been my closest friend and confidante. I love her so much!

The carousel, Beckham is probably old enough to ride by himself, but he tends to be a daredevil who would probably try to stand up if I wasn't standing there

Like I've said before... he's madly in love with her and tells her he's going to marry her. She replies saying "I can't even date until I'm a senior in college." That's my GIRL!

Gavin and Beckham. In this picture they could be twins

At the end of the day it started raining. But it was actually warm lovely rain. Other than Lisa and I running to our cars, while the kids stayed warm in the gift shop, Lisa and I had fun walking through the rain with the strollers while everyone else jumped on the tram and got a dry ride

Beckham enjoyed the blanket over his head

Before the tram, Sydnee was not happy getting wet

On the car ride home, the kids all passed out. I love that my kids love each other

We went back to the Lewis' house and had a bbq and party. I was exhausted by the end of the day and only got a few pictures.

I love my adorable kids! And I love getting to do fun things with them

Something good.... I know I'm a little behind the game and sometimes (Harry Potter, Twilight...)I totally enjoy teenager books and I LOVE HUNGER GAMES. I still have to read the last book, but I became so obsessed I stayed up until 3am (I'm normally in bed by 9) reading the 2nd one.


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