Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wet and Tired

I've had exactly 3 hours and 30 minutes off of work this entire week. Not exaggerating one second I have honestly from the hours of 6am until 10pm had only 3 hours and 30 minutes where I wasn't working, and as I type this I'm at work and have been here since 6am and still have another 3 shifts to work this week before I start all over again next week.... I work too much. But I don't really have a choice

With my afternoon off yesterday I decided that I was not going to do ANYTHING unless it involved nothing! I've been doing a lot of yard work the past few weeks and I needed to encourage the lawn to come in so I forced my children to put on their suits and play in the sprinklers!

They may be pointing water guns at Mommy, but they both know better! No one shoots Mommy, she shoots them

Krystal and her kiddos came over for all the fun, and some pizza

When the kids get too cold, they warm up by jumping on the trampoline

I love that Krystal always knows when I need a moment of just relaxing and comes over to play

I am not a fan of wet dogs, especially wet hyper puppies, so Kona and Daisy were tied up and only got to watch the fun. They are the same breeed of dog, yet look so different. Daisy actually was looking so sad losing her puppy coat, I kept saying she was a puppy going through chemo. So I finally shaved her. Let's hope her coat will come in and she'll look like fluffy Kona soon

Climbing the apple tree. This tree once upon a time had a lot of apples, but Sydnee and Ryan Lewis picked all of them off when we moved into the house... 4 years ago. There haven't really been apples since :/

I did nothing, for at least 2 hours I turned on music, drank a coke, talked to friend, watched my kids playing and not physically or mentally doing anything. I miss my kids, they are my very favorite people in the entire world and working so much means I'm exhausted, stressed and desperately missing my babies.

Something good... sleep, at least I hear it's good. I've forgotten and what it is. But my kids look like they enjoy it when I get home and give their sleepy cuteness kisses


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