Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pagosa Springs

We went on a family vacation to Pagosa Springs in April. My Dad likes to find little places to visit and just spend time as a family. So Ry, the kids and I, my parents, my brother Kyle, sister Klair and Klair's best friend Kelsey all drove the 5 hours to Pagosa for a week of FORCED FAMILY FUN!!!!

I am the BEST roadtrip buddy! I sing songs at the top of my lungs, make sure there are snacks, play games, moon my parents car....

"I'll tell you what I want what I really really want!"

Poor Ryan, he may never drive anywhere with me again! (please note the goldfish cracker I stuck up his nose then giggled at forever)

Our timeshare was beautiful! It was right next to a fishing lake!

Although I had to work for a little and the internet didn't work unless I sat outside on the deck

We decided to go play at the park and goofy golf at the resort

My son the future model

I may or may not have played golf in high school and might be a tad bit competitive

Only a TINY bit competitive..... I MUST WIN!!!

Funny how I didn't even take this picture????

So my brother Kyle is clueless when it comes to girls... I've threatened to order him a bride from Russia. WELLLLL my sister's friend Kelsey (from AZ) is an old family friend and she and Kyle have been "texting" for awhile. I was sat down and instructed by my parents and Ryan that I was NOT to in anyway make fun of him, or tease or even look in their general direction.... So for an entire week I had to keep my mouth shut and turn purple trying not to burst!

This was a moment when Kyle asked Kelsey to go for a "walk"

Yes they eventually decided that they are "together" and all I want to ask is, "What color is my bridesmaids dress going to be??"

We spent one day in town visiting the little shops, this is overlooking the mineral hot springs which are across the river

We went into an antique store with some of the coolest hats!
(Klair has issues)

Beckham wasn't thrilled with our all day shopping, he wanted food!

There was a huge lollipop and frosted lemonade shop but it was CLOSED! Sydnee was so sad


I made Becks his own fishing pole with a stick and some string, that kept him entertained for hours.

EWEWEWEWEW, I took this picture so I could show Ryan's sister cause she's really into nature and the environment and Ryan was killing a helpless worm

He was so thrilled to fish and was convinced that he was going to catch everything! He would get up early in the morning

Sydnee loved fishing! And she loved seeing the Swans on the lake (look past her shoulder)

My Daddy

I hate fish, I have taken way too many classes on bacteria to ever want a slimy gross fish in my hands! We had been fishing for a few days with no bites, Ryan cast out a pole and told me to watch it and he went inside. Well I decided to recast it (just in case) and then sat it down.


There's actually a video of the whole thing, I have serious anxiety about touching bacteria covered dirty things and my Dad was trying to make me hold the fish for a picture.

That is the only picture with my fish cause it then squirmed and I dropped in and then went inside and scrubbed my hands 5 times!

HAHA! Ryan was so bummed that I caught the first fish, I named it Moby Dick

Klair caught a fish, with her super cool hat which she swears gives her license to now fly planes

Ryan finally caught a fish and I named him Tiny Tim

Sydnee finally caught the last fish!

Ry and I went on a date one night, we went to the mineral natural hot springs (the cynical part of me just called them stinky hot tubs) But apparently they are supposed to restore your body. We met people from all over the world who had come

Then we went out for some really yummy Italian food

My favorite part of Pagosa Springs is that my best friend from high school Dusty lives an hour away in Durango. She and her cute little family came up and spent a day playing with us. I MISS her!

We went all together to take Old Time Western Pictures! It was a blast!

Becks was adorable

Sydnee loved being dressed up

This is my favorite picture!

The whole family

Something good... I love family vacations where you spend time together playing games and creating memories!


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