Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sassy Baby

Sometimes I see a random picture on my computer which sets off an instant need to look at all my pictures. Watch my kiddos growing, and remember the adorable moments. Just for fun I decided to post a few ones of Syd since there have been a lot of Becks pictures lately.

This is a picture from a really special day. And I may post about this day in the future, but for now it's my special day. But Sydnee was an angel.

This is when Sydnee's hair really started to curl, we were taking family pictures at Freestone park and I miss my snuggly, giggly little girl

Sydnee's "palm trees" in her hair and her cute pouty lip!

She's always been so happy and goofy

This is the picture which is truly my favorite memory. The moment when my baby became my little girl. We went to see Beauty and the Beast on stage when Sass was 4. Sydnee was riveted, she was absolutely mesmerized and cried at the end when the Beast died. Afterward with my junky (camera cause I forgot my nice one) I snapped this amazing unset up picture. It shows her little girl hopes and dreams and for me just makes me happy knowing that for a little while her world was magical and filled with roses and princesses and singing.

Something good.... I love my daughter, and her last day of school is this week. She's disappointed because she hasn't learned all of her subtraction. I love that she loves learning and school!


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