Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun at the ZOO

Sydnee and Ryan Lewis used to be in the same preschool class. And at the end of the year we all got to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Gavin Lewis is in the same class now (Beckham isn't) But we went to the zoo at the end of the year anyway!

I look forward to days like this when I get to spend time with just Beckham. I always feel like he doesn't get as many Mommy/Beckham days as Sydnee has.

Look at this face, wouldn't you be excited to spend all day with him?

As you enter the Zoo there is the BEST part which is feeding the giraffes. This is actually in my mind the ONLY cool part about the Cheyenne Mt Zoo, I prefer Denver Zoo by far. Since there were a MILLION field trips all entering the zoo at the same moment and everyone rushed to feed the giraffes so we bypassed and decided to feed them last. But we had to stop and take pictures....

Nice timing Lisa...

There we go! Gavin, Beckham, Logan and Kayli (Krystal's kids)

Becks and Mommy! He's so awesome

There is a classic picture of Sydnee and Ryan when we came so we redid it with Beckham and Gavin. These 2 shots just show me how fast time is going

There are always peacocks walking around the zoo, Beckham thought it would like to play with his stick. This is quite an honor for the peacock, Beckham never willingly shares his swords (stick) he walked around with that in his hand all day

Mommy and Baby Tigers

My best girls! I love these girlie's. We have so much fun together and I always know I can count on them!

This is how Beckham speaks when he is saying something important. His finger comes up and he pronounces something. The other day his pronouncement was "People don't have guts, fish have guts!"

(You heard it here first)

Hip HipHop HipHopAnonymous (name that movie)

So this is the moment where with bated breath I sat back and waited for magic to happen. Beckham is really Harry Potter and he was going to release the gigantic snake and then we would soon receive our letter from Hogwarts....

:( nothing happened

The cool giraffe exhibit. This truly is the only reason to go to this Zoo. But you definitely do have to do this a some point in your life

Baby Morgan was there too, she wasn't exactly sure about the giraffes

Gavin (His shirt is totally a Phoenix Suns shirt, and Lisa disagreed and had no idea what I was talking about. But really any self respecting AZ born person would see a purple and orange shirt and assume Phoenix Suns, not Tommy Hilfinger)

Yes that giraffe is trying to lick me!

Beckham (I think we should take this home as a pet, I would name him Spot)

Those tongues are SERIOUS!

Beckham imitating them, but he wanted gummy snacks instead of lettuce leaves. Can't say I blame him

Me and Spot!

I think he had a lot of fun!

Something good... New restaurant Cheddar's in Colorado Springs, is yummy and cheap!


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