Monday, May 23, 2011

pouty face

I take my health for granted. I don't realize how awesome it is to have a working body until it's not working. And that SUCKS! It ruins everything! I have a busted shoulder. I actually don't exactly know what's wrong with it, only that it's not getting better!

Here's the lovely story in ALL it's detail, cause I think the events leading up to this are really important! (kinda)

I am a typical girl and dislike anything in the rodent genre. I've had some traumatic experiences with rats (seriously EWWW) getting into my room as a teenager and my parents not believing me even though I refused to even enter the basement for weeks. They later found out I was telling the truth!

Living in Colorado seems to mean that while I lose all the bugs from AZ, I pick up mice. Especially in my garage in the winter.

I CANNOT stand the thought of even going into my garage knowing there was a mouse. I actually bought traps, but I can't stand to go into the garage and actually set them up. Ryan promised multiple times to set them up.....

Moving along... it was a few days before Christmas and I was wrapping gifts late at night. Well I needed to hide them and Ryan was sleeping so for the first time in MONTHS I went into the garage to hide the gifts.

Then I heard it... A MONSTER, it was chasing me, coming to eat my face! So I ran, of course! And as I was running my foot missed the step and as I rolled to dramatically to save my life, I fell onto the landing with my arm outstretched on my lateral scapula.

At first I was sure I dislocated my shoulder, but later I convinced myself that it was just a few pulled muscles and put on a brace for a few days.

It seemed to get better, after a workout it would sometimes ache and sometimes after a long day I would have to sleep with it propped on a pillow. But it's become constant. The brace doesn't do much anymore, and I walk around most of the day with my right arm hanging dead. There's no comfortable position and it's killing me!

I guess I have to go get it checked out now... 5 months later

This pic is one I took with my phone when Becks was sad he didn't get crayons at the new Cheddar's restaurant. Love this face!

This is back at Christmas!! Can't believe it's still not better

Something good.... I did get my flowers planted this weekend! My yard is so pretty


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  1. ooooh I SOOO don't like mice either and living in Idaho when they live in your backyard during ALL the snow and tear up our yard and leave their yucky germs EVERYWHERE!! Sorry they got you injured...i feel ya and love ya :)