Monday, May 30, 2011


I was downloading pictures from Sydnee's end of the year Hawaiian party and I found a few old pictures from Valentines Day 2010. The kids and I had a movie night. We started this tradition a few years ago and anytime I ask what the kids want to do they want a movie night. Because it's not just any movie night, I take the kids out for ice cream and we get all our blankets and pillows to lay on the floor. We eat ice cream, snuggle and watch a movie and then we all sleep in Mommy's bed. It's one of those traditions that is simple but my kids love it and I hope to continue having special movie nights forever.

Sydnee's class learned about all 50 states this year. And it was a rush to see if they could make it to Hawai'i before the end of the school year. Well HOORAY they did it and they got to have a Luau, complete with games and fruit kabobs. I could not resist and had to go help (or play whichever way you look at it)

Cute little flamingo girl
Sydnee's cute little class. I brought my conch shell to show the class. And I was the complete hero, they were amazed! (I like that I'm cool with 7 year olds) They all tried to blow it and couldn't, I didn't want to break their hearts and admit that it took an entire weekend with my cousin KaMaili where we sat and spent hours learning how to blow the conch shell.

Apparently at some point during the year the class saw a picture of a guy with a messed up eye and now they all squint with one eye in goofy pictures, this really explains all of Sydnee's latest weird faces

I love my Lehua

Our goofy faces and Sydnee's weird eye

My beautiful flower (If you don't know Lehua is a Hawaiian flower) I think she really fits her name

Something good.... my newly seeded grass is coming in! I might just get a nice green lawn for my hibachi party! (Don't know what my hibachi party is??? Stay tuned cause it's coming soon)


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