Monday, May 9, 2011

AZ, Babies, Baptisms and Mommylove

About 12 hours after I got home from Pagosa Springs I jumped on a plane to go to AZ. I went to spend a week with my friend who had her first baby. It was really an amazing experience to see a new family in their first days together. Baby Lilly is adorable and I was privileged to be able to do her first photo shoot when she was only 3 days old.

I got to go to my favorite pizza place in Mesa; LJ's Pizza. I've been coming here since I was little and I make sure to come EVERY time I visit AZ. But I got the saddest news when Emily and I went.... they're closing :( I am so sad. LJ's has been there for 37 years and now it's going to be gone. There's nothing that makes you feel more grown up and sad than when your favorite kid place closes!

Emily and I made sure we got a picture with our favorite lunch spot

I also got to have a fabulous dinner out with my Grandma. I always miss her! And as always we had an amazing time and ate the yummiest dessert. Anytime I go out with her I feel like I'm hanging out with a girlfriend!

Speaking of girlfriends; I went out with 2 of my besties from high school. Calli and Emily. I love these girls and we had a great time talking and reminiscing

Hanging out with Emily meant I got to spend time with her baby Dawsome (Dawson). This boy is adorable!! We took him out to sushi and he loved it!! But a few hours after we went left Emily called me and Dawsome had developed a rash on his torso, poor baby might be allergic to shellfish

Erin, Emily and I eating SUSHI!!!

My trip to AZ was not at all what I had expected and planned. And apart from a few choice moments I would've fared better staying home and working, I had some great quality time with some of my girls and I miss them. But I was more than ready to go home to CO

I HATE VIDEO GAMES! Seriously HATE! I'm not even going to pretend to tolerate them for appearances. I dislike our Wii, and just seeing someone playing a video game gets under my skin. I have a lot reasons and I'm closed to any debate on why video games are okay. Ryan loves the Xbox, and we have a lot of disagreements over it.

Well the day after I got home I was cleaning and Becks was following me around the house. I told him to go play since I was mopping the floor, I walked into the living room a few minuted later to see this....

Apparently when Mom's gone for a week it's free (video)game

Ryan Lewis was baptized right after I came home. Ryan is Sydnee's best friend. Seeing him be baptized really started to sink in the idea that Syd will be baptized in less than 6 months. She's growing up so fast!

Gavin Lewis, Becks, Ryan and Sydnee. These kids are all best buddies!

All the kids at the luncheon afterward (notice how Syd is the ONLY girl??)

Sydnee's school this past week had a Mother's Day Tea. They sang us a song and showed a video and the kids waited on the Moms. It was so special!

My daughter's the gorgeous one

This kid cracks me up!!

Mother's Day morning. I got cuddles with my babies and some sweet cards. Sydnee's card made me cry she wrote it all by herself

"Mommy I love you very much. It is a speshal gift you gave me birth and a butiful family and home. Im so happy to have such a cind and loveing Mother. Your so pretty. Love- Sydnee XOXO"

Being a Mommy to my babies is by far the best part of my life. They are the reasons I smile everyday. I hope that no matter what growing up that they know how much I love and adore them. I will always be their biggest fan and I would do anything for my kids.

Something good.... amazing new gym FINALLY opened up next to my house! I'm going swimming all summer


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