Friday, May 27, 2011

How to... survive 1st grade

It's the last day of school. I may or may not have cried while dropping Sydnee off. Or I bawled my eyes out... She's done, in 2 hours I will pick her happy face up and she will no longer be my little 1st grader. So much has happened in the past year, and she has grown so much. Gone are her baby teeth, her curly hair, her need for me to get her dressed, to get her breakfast, I don't even have to supervise her homework or tell her to do it. She's responsible enough to do all these things on her own. I'm excited for summer, she has made me promise to let her have a lemonade stand. I'm excited to have her home, but I just want time to slow down, I want her to always be my baby girl. Going to stop typing now cause the crying thing is happening again....

I was sitting in the living room when I looked over and saw Beckham doing this to Daisy. I had no idea what in the world that child was doing. Until I realized he's training her like Hiccup!

I can't find a picture of Sydnee's first day of 1st grade. I know that I was working a million hours and I was getting ready for a wedding and I think my Mom took her to school the first day but I can't believe I didn't threaten my parents to make sure they took a picture! I've looked everywhere and I can't find one :(

But I have these pictures from her first day of preschool and Kindergarten

Preschool with Miss Katie

Kindergarten with Mrs. Cook (I love this teacher and I will commit high treason to make sure Beckham has her as a teacher in 2 years)

Last day of 1st grade with Mrs. Ormston (I think she really likes wearing pink leggings...)

I love you Punky! I'm so lucky to be your Mommy

Something good.... Kids and Mommys date night tonight with the Lewis'. I'm so excited I made Becks take a nap


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