Friday, April 15, 2011


It's slightly more that interesting after this past week and the feelings I've had lately that one of my best friends Krystal is going through a divorce.

It's like being able to watch yourself from the outside, you already know the ending. All of the things she says is a deja vu to hearing myself from 2 years ago. She says that too, since she was by my side throughout my hell.

Krystal and I met in Nursing school. Actually we were in a pre-req Math class together but we didn't talk. We both worked for Memorial Hospital so we had seen each other around so when classes started we just instantly clung to the only other person we knew. What was completely amazing was that we are so similar in our personalities. Which is quite a rarity to find a friend who has the same sick and twisted sense of humor that I do.

I have to credit Krystal with honestly getting me through Nursing School. She was more that my study buddy, she completely pushed me through it. There are so many tests that I know I would've failed if she hadn't drilled the information into my head. I couldn't even focus on my world falling apart all around me, so she made sure that at least I was learning what I needed for school. There literally was a moment when she yelled "If you don't focus you are going to FAIL!"
I owe her my degree

We were lucky enough (or my school just was really gullible) that we were put into the same clinical group for our last semester in school. AND our instructor kept us together on the same floor! Seriously, if you tell people that you need a specific person and blah blah blah they feel so bad for what you're going through that they actually do it!

Our last day of clinicals we drew all over our scrubs cut them up!!!

Krystal has been an amazing friend! She is always there and willing to go out for a girls night!

She was one of my bridesmaids

It's completely heartbreaking to watch my friend going through such a rough time. I have complete empathy for what she's feeling and the rollercoaster of emotions.

Krystal has 2 kids who my kids love to have come and play. Our families love getting together and we've gone on the Polar Express for the past 2 years together.

I'm going to be out of town for her court date (she actually told me it was a different date and I scheduled to be off work to go with her then but it was moved by the crazy lawyer) So last night we went out with the 2 of us to celebrate her divorce being final next week.

I know that sounds wrong to celebrate a divorce but in a horrible moment like this you have to try and find every positive thing you can. And it's more about celebrating that everything is going to be final, and no more worrying about paperwork!

I won't ever say that I wish this feeling on anyone, nor am I glad at all for what I had to struggle through. But if one of my best friends is going to have to go through this, at least I can offer something. She calls me when other people try to talk her through it. Unless you've been there you don't understand the devastation. And everyone completely means well and you appreciate the love and support that they bring, but sometimes you just need someone who totally knows what you're going through.

I love my friend! I'm so grateful that a million tiny events led up to the two of us meeting!

I'm going out of town for the next 2 weeks! A family vacation to Pagosa Springs, and then AZ for 1 week and hopefully I'll get to be there for Lissy's baby birth!

Something good.... Mine and Krystal's divorce party dinner at the Melting Pot was FREE!! Last time we went her boyfriend complained about not receiving his salad and we were given gift cards, so Krystal and I went back without the boys!!!

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