Monday, April 4, 2011

Children's Museum

Sometimes, it's not in your best interest to have a friend who is as stubborn as you are.

This friend can make you do things and just generally get into trouble. But to be fair, you do the same for her.

I have one of these friends. My dear Krystal. One of my best friends who I met in nursing school. She is always able to make me go a million different places with her, even when I'm completely exhausted and just want to spend a day laying on the couch! She called last week and decided that we were going to take our kids to the Denver Children's Museum. Sydnee had to go to school since she's going to be missing a few days when we go out of town in a few weeks. But Krystal said we could go while she was at school and be back in time to pick her up, I said I was tired, she said she would get me a Coca-Cola (my true weakness) I said I didn't have a lot of money to spend, she said she would buy me lunch... this conversation lasted for 30 minutes and I ran out of real reasons not to go. I mean, where is the harm in spending a day with Beckham playing? And getting to spend time with one of my best friends??? Yeah no excuse, so off to Denver we went.

I was still kinda protesting so I didn't take my camera... well joke's on me cause now I'm disappointed that I don't have better pics for Beckham.

iPhone camera pics... don't Krystal and I look like angels??? HA!

Mr. Becks with a bubble maker

GRRR, blogspot is not been nice to me lately!

A steam filled bubble fell and popped on his face, he thought it was awesome!

Who would've guessed that Beckham's favorite room was the TRAIN room??? If there had been a pirate room he never would've left

Becks and Kayli having our snacks. We went assuming we would eat lunch there and all they had was juice and yogurt. (don't worry, Costa Vida stop on the way home!)

Beckham, Logan (the monkey) and Kayli

This is a HUGE bubble machine that makes a bubble all around your body

My little man! Thanks Beckham for having such a fun day with Mommy! I LOVE YOU!

He just HAD to have his picture taken with the giant painted cow

This past weekend was conference! I LOVE conference, it just brings a peace into your home hearing the Prophet's words. We went to lunch in between sessions with my sister Kadi.

Uckum sandwich!

The beautiful Sydnee! I still haven't told her about the museum, but I showed up to pick her up from school with an ice cream cone for her. I think she's happy either way!

She has decided that since Mommy wears hats she also needs to wear hats! Isn't she super cute!

Something good.... 2 weeks and then I have 2 weeks of VACATION!!!


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