Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm going to be that Mom

First I need to document that sometimes I don't know where exactly Sydnee gets some of her traits from? She has been waking up EARLY! A few days ago she was awake at 4:30am making her lunch. Ryan told her to go back to sleep but she stayed up and watched Tangled. Last night she asked if I would wake her up at 6am because she doesn't want to sleep until 7:15. What is up with this child? I literally like working nights because I loathe waking up at 5am to work a day shift. But she also asked today if she could stay home from school so she could clean the house and when I woke up she was doing the dishes.... She's an amazing kid!

Every morning when I drop Sass off for school we wave, blow kisses and hold up the 'I love you' sign. Today she said she didn't want to do that because she thinks her friends are watching her. I gave her a sideways look and said "Okay, but don't you love us?" She got out of the car and kinda half waved, I rolled down my window and screamed "I LOVE YOU SYDNEE!!!" which Beckham then parroted. She might have ducked her head and turned a few shades red.

I'm going to be that Mom who kisses their child on the first day of high school in front of everybody!

Something good.... I took Beckham to pick up breakfast and the lady in front of me paid for my order and had them tell me to have a good day! That's been making me smile all morning, and now I need to pay it forward and make someone else smile.

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