Friday, February 10, 2012


These pictures have been taking me hours to upload.... So there might not be much of a story since I'm slightly frustrated with blogger right now.

My beloved camera was broken a few weeks ago. My Dad bought it for me when I was pregnant with Beckham. It's been my constant companion and I already really miss it. I'm hoping to get a new and better one soon, but seeing as the one I want is $2,000 without any lenses, it might be awhile. So the only reason I have these pictures is because I had to sweet talk my Dad into bringing his camera.

I don't remember my school doing many plays or productions, but Sydnee's school has had a musical every year. I really LOVE seeing them, it brings a huge, almost hurts my cheeks, smile to my face. This year the 2nd graders did a musical called Lemonade. My music obsessed daughter has been singing the songs OVER and over for the past few weeks. It was a play about Mother Goose teaching all the fairy tale characters to take lemons (such as a wolf blowing down your house) and making lemonade.

Sydnee was part of the chorus. She had to wear white and black with accents of yellow. I took her shopping last weekend to find her a special outfit since she was sad that they assigned the roles when we were out of town. That shopping trip was a glimpse into the future of a teenage Sassy, not liking any outfits, hating all the possible accessories, and just being grumpy and wanting to go eat. Heaven help me...

But finally she was all smiles for her production.

Again a glimpse of the future, trying to get her to look at me and she's obsessed with the phone.

Sydnee and PopPop. PopPop is kinda a weird name for Grandpa but literally when Sydnee was 1 year old it was her pronunciation of Grandpa, so the name stuck. First grandchild gets to choose the name

She has not been a huge fan of pictures lately, I've had to beg and tickle and threaten and beg some more and still she sometimes won't smile

I can't seem to go anywhere without Beckham NEEDING to sit on my lap the entire time. And of course he has to wiggle while I'm trying to take pictures.

The songs had a lot of moments where they have to pretend to have different emotions. Sydnee cracked me up! She has a perfect sad, angry, distressed face.

So notice how my child is on the back row? I've noticed that this has been the case for all 3 of her school musicals. Then looking at it we noticed that they place the kids by height. My barely 5' 2" self seems to have a tall daughter. I'm praying she stays that way, I was told I was too short to play volleyball. All of her uncles are over 6ft so lets hope she got those genes.

She had a little quartet for one of the songs. My dad took a video and maybe someday I'll actually post it. Again, my daughter is much taller than all the other girls, makes me proud! Actually while I was with my sister Klair last weekend and couldn't reach something she made a comment about me needing to go back and join my lollipop guild... hopefully stinky Aunt Klair won't be able to be so mean to Sydnee

After the show Sydnee searched to find her music teacher Mrs. V and give her a picture she drew. It was really cute, she's really thoughtful that way. 

I had to go to work right after her concert was over but everyone who came first went to Village Inn for pie. Sydnee's lactose intolerance has been really making her sick lately so we're having to avoid any kind of dairy which makes her really sad. She was upset about not getting frozen yogurt until she saw there was Oreo pie. Syd's had to miss multiple days from school this year due to her being sick. I've asked the dr so many times and kinda gotten into a routine of when she needs medicine and me having to restrict her diet, but it's not working anymore. I'm thinking it might be time to get her into a GI doctor again and see what really is going on with her.

PopPop, Uncle Jayk, Aunt Kadi, Beckham, Sydnee, Ryan, Koren

Something good...I got Beckham enrolled for Kindergarten! I teared up having to sign all the papers, and I'm really struggling with him growing up, but he's really excited to "go to Sydnee's school all day!"

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