Friday, February 10, 2012

Miss my camera

Normally every year I send out Valentines pictures of the kids. Realizing that about now I should be editing cute pictures of my kids makes me sad over my camera.

This little girly is now walking and talking, Lisa's baby girl Morgan. We took pictures of her adorableness every month during Lisa's pregnancy, and after her birth. These were some of my favorites. Lisa and I would plan out pictures for months and search to find props. Morgan's room is decorated like this, very pink and French inspired. What I love is that the shoes in the picture below are Lisa's wedding shoes. And the sunglasses are Sydnee's, she saw what we were doing and ran and grabbed them from her room.

This picture makes me want a baby!! Good thing I have a Morgan to cuddle, and my niece Jessie is due in a few months

Something good.... Sydnee was recommended by her teacher to join a class through the college for gifted students.

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