Sunday, February 12, 2012

iPhone Randomness

Just to have these pics saved and clean up my phone a little, here's my life as captured by my phone

Right before I dyed my hair, Sydnee and I at Rosie's diner

Cute Sass, we had a Mommy and kiddo date and she got herself dressed complete with jewelry, purse and my old phone. She was so cute!

My Daisy girl is so big! She turned 1 last month

If Mom won't do your hair in a Mohawk every day the next best thing is a beenie

So sweet, she fell asleep while praying

3D glasses stolen from a movie with Nana

He's already too cool for me

My friend Bev always gives me handmedowns for Becks. This last time there was a treasure trove of costumes. This Batman is amazing!! Beckham's preschool is having a superhero Valentines party tomorrow since his class only has boys. I texted my Mom tonight to tell her his costume was in his backpack and she responded "No, it's on his body"

Going through baby stuff for Jessie. I have many pictures of Becks as a baby in this bumbo

While going through the baby clothes from Lisa there was this oh so pretty hat, I thought Becks would be so lovely. I had to carry him around restraining his arms, he would've been a pretty Ellie (what would've been his girl name)

Daisy, don't give me that look, you whined until I let you out

There are some wacky outfits this kid comes up with

Registering for Kindergarten

Lemonade girl

Becks and Krystal's son Logan. Best buddies that one will drive and the other do the pedals

If my son smiles for a picture, he next wants a silly face picture and then needs to see it instantly

Sometimes when I work too much I have literally ZERO memory of a picture even taking place

I was having a good hair day

Valentines, I let Beckham decorate one all by himself for his teacher

Valentines are all done, time to party!

Something good... Beckham wrote his name all by himself on his Valentines. Sometimes his c becomes a second e, but I think BEEKHAM is still a cute name!

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