Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Down for maintenance

I need a project. Something I can devote myself to and focus on. For so long it was school, but I graduated. I keep focusing on the kids but they look at me like I need to get out of their faces. My house is clean, organized, there is nothing to do.

I need a hobby, I need to accomplish something. Keep my mind busy.

Also, I need to not be asked to make decisions. I have no brain power to decide where to go to dinner or even what shoes I should get for Becks. My decision making ability has temporarily been shut down, I wish I could say for maintenance, but I think it's for severe dysfunction for who knows how long? Maybe it's not even temporary. Maybe it's gone, from here on out I won't be able to decide whether or not to get a new stereo for the car? The radio drives me insane, but having to choose a stereo to install is beyond my capabilities.

So apparently, I need a hobby and I need someone else to tell me what it should be.

Something good.... I got new buttons for my car's AC. They had broken off years go and I got sick of looking at the metal. $15 later, new buttons!

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