Friday, March 4, 2011

March for Babies


This is something that is really close to my heart. Because of Sydnee and because the majority of my patients at work are premature kiddos who all have long term effects.

To raise money for the Colorado March for Babies walk we're having a photo contest. Each vote costs $5. I've entered Sydnee's photo because she was born premature and I will forever be grateful for everything that was done to help ensure she was healthy.

Please visit my March for Babies page and vote for Sydnee.

Something good... Do you see how big she is? My sick baby who I was so worried about is becoming a BEAUTIFUL girl!

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  1. Hello my old friend! I was so happy to see your comments in my inbox today! I've been reading your blog all night, catching up on you and your family. Look how big your sweet kids are! Yes, let's please get together when you come to town next month. I would love to see you!