Monday, March 14, 2011

Barnyard MOOOOsical

Last week was Sydnee's 1st grade play. It was called the Barnyard MOOOsical! All of the first graders were different animals and they sang songs. Sydnee was cast as a horse had a speaking role which she practiced over and over and over and over.....

"Cause we don't lock up anyone on our fun filled farm!"

Do you know how difficult it is to dress your child as a horse??? A pig, a cow... all easy! A horse?? It was a stretch but after some brainstorming and one last second inspiration at Hobby Lobby she was one super cute horse! (her words as she admired herself in the mirror)

My entire family forgot the video cameras but Ryan was nice enough to ask another parent with a camera if we could have a copy! I can't wait to see it again, it was so cute! I had an ear to ear grin watching her dancing and singing. I actually cried at the end, don't tell her though, she'll think I'm lame.

She's growing so fast, I feel like lately she has shot into being an older child. She's so tall, becoming so responsible... Alright I'm going to start crying again

Afterward we went and got ice cream which is a real treat for the lactose intolerant kids. Beckham was freezing outside eating his cotton candy ice cream with peanut butter cups, he chose it!

Her hair was in multiple ponytails to give her a mane, she had a felt saddle with stirrups and a tail and hooves! Not bad for a last second costume!

She wanted a picture where you could see her saddle

(I can't get this picture to turn)
I love my baby girl and I am so proud of her!

Something good... cute horse outfits that are now a part of our dress up box

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