Monday, March 28, 2011


WOW! What a week! I'm exhausted and need a week off from our vacation. We packed so many things into 5 days (I worked Monday and Tuesday)

First thing??? PIZZA! Krystal and her kids came over on Wednesday for a pizza lunch from my favorite place Louie's. When I was pregnant with both kids I CRAVED Marchelloni's nuggets. Especially since I used to work there in high school. So being stuck in Colorado while I was pregnant with Beckham meant no nuggets for me, plus Marchelloni's has closed in AZ (sniff sniff) I was in physical therapy when I was pregnant since my sciatic nerve was so messed up. And while laying on the table I heard the therapist talking with a coworker about Louie's cheese bread. I begged for information cause it sounded like nuggets! They're almost as good but nothing can beat the original! But either way, Louie's Pizza is my go to pizza place.

My kids LOVE Alvin and the Chipmunks, they love yelling "CHEESE BALL!"

Well we stopped in Target to get some snacks since I have problems remembering to get groceries until we're down to eating dry cereal. Well they saw a bag of Cheetos and begged for them, but just down the aisle I saw the heaven's reflect onto a glorious product... and it was on sale! The kids and I decided to throw all caution to the wind! Sydnee told me I was officially her hero

We haven't even put a dent in this thing but it makes me giggle every time I see it in the pantry

Logan, Beckham, Sydnee and Kayli eating Louie's for lunch

Sydnee has discovered how to work Netflix on the Wii, and the kids have declared their new favorite show; The Pink Panther. We've all been singing the theme song all week This is where Beckham happened to lay himself to watch it

Sydnee always says Beckham has an indestrucible head.

First there was the time he bashed his head into the door frame at Church and required stitches so I no longer could see his skull. Within the past few weeks Beckham has bruised that EXACT spot on his head twice, he tripped and hit the computer monitor that was on the floor, then he hit a door knob at my parent's house. Well on Wednesday while cleaning the house Beckham tripped on the puppies bed and hit his head on the window ledge He fell down and started screaming and I had a flashback to that exact moment except this time when he raised his head there wasn't blood gushing everywhere. WHEW!!

You can see the old scar and the new one is crossing it. Hey, maybe if he trips on his shoelaces he could have a Harry Potter lightning scar??? And it became another huge bruise!

Poor kid, but Sydnee's right INDESTRUCTIBLE SKULL

We had some fun with nerf guns this week, guess who was the most frequent target? I didn't even do it! But when Ryan tries to shoot me Beckham decided he must protect his Mommy and never relents

On Thursday we went up to The Denver Museum of Nature and Science because they most recent exhibit is about PIRATES! (Beckham is OBSESSED with Pirates)

Driving up to Denver

I keep asking Beckham to look and smile this is his "I'm AM!" (exactly how he says it)

He was so excited!

The exhibit was great! The kids really loved it. But you can't take pictures during, but everyone got hats at the end.

This week was the start of pictures of Becks with his eyes closed, and sadly there were a few poses where I didn't get a pic of his eyes open

We went and looked at a few other exhibits

Gavin was not thrilled that we made him take a picture with all the other kids


I found an exhibit that was about Ryan!!

Then Ryan got the camera and was not being very funny...

Seriously get that out of my face, you are not funny...


Since we were with Lisa who had Morgan in a stroller we had to find the TINY obscure elevators! I've decided my new cheesy pictures will be to take self portraits in TINY elevators


This happened the MOMENT we got out of the Museum

Then we went to my favorite lunch in Denver! (Why don't they have one of these in the Springs?)

My Becks

He's so adorable!

Goofy Gavin

Me and the bony-headed dinasour... I mean Ryan

I spent the rest of the weekend with Lisa. She was on-call for work and her hubby Chad was fourwheeling in Moab so the kids, puppies and I stayed the night and we all played! I miss spending weekends at the Lewis' house

This is how you entertain 3 kids in Kohl's who are all hungry and super hyper! Give them a cart and then pretend you don't know them while they are running around crazy!

Unfortunately Lisa got called in to work at 5am. Which left me ALONE with 5 children under the age of 8 and the youngest being 9 months old. And two little needy puppies...

THANK goodness it was such a nice day! I fed them breakfast then kicked the older 4 outside and got to play with little princess Morgan!

These poor puppies were tortured by the 4 kids that wanted to play with them every single second!


Literally Daisy came inside after being with the kids and fell to the floor like this

Crazy monkeys!

How could anyone ever get to take a shower if they had 5 kids? I barely remembered to brush my teeth, but I never even got dressed!

Of course there are always a few wounds when you let kids run wild. Sydnee scrapped her knee. And me being the Mommy I am, decided to find the toy chainsaw and tell Sydnee we were going to have to amputate!

She's a good sport!

On Sunday we all ended up on the couch watching Jane Austen movies.... well the girls were watching. The boys both passed out

My sister Kadi and her new huband Jayke came over for dinner and roasting marshmellows.

Kadi and Ryan decided to make up bizarre marshmellow combinations. Brownies inside, coconut creme chocolate... they decided their favorite was strawberry milkshake whoppers inside a toasted marshmellow.

They're weird!

Something good.... I'm applying for my Bachelor's program! I hope it doesn't take too long to hear


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