Monday, March 7, 2011


My camera has been acting up. It keeps freezing, not focusing...just giving me a huge headache! It's been an extension of my arm for years and now I actually cringe when I pick it up hoping it will function for me. Plus I still haven't found a good editing program since the loss of Picture It so I haven't been so picture happy lately.

But I have a new puppy, and possibly ANOTHER puppy coming too. (Don't ask, apparently I'm a sucker and I want Daisy to have a friend)

So trying to photograph Daisy all by myself was quite a challenge, she didn't want to sit still, she wanted to run over to me.

This dog is literally attached to my hip. She sleeps on my pillow, has come to work with me a few days... She is so completely spoiled. The kids adore her! Beckham never had any interest in Bella but he can't stop kissing and hugging Daisy.

She is the sweetest puppy, at 8 weeks old she is just so calm and sweet.

If I have the backdrop out and the camera I had to at least attempt some pics of the kids!

This picture almost makes me cry. She is so big! I actually was walking past the dress section and saw white baptism dresses and I had to wipe my eyes. I cannot believe she will be baptized this year. I just can't believe how big she is.

Look at Mr. Handsome! Can you see the giant bruise on his head? Right around the area where he split his head open when he was 2? He ran into the door with his head. Every time he bangs his head I cringe and flashback to imagining blood gushing from his head. But either way, he really is just as charming as he looks. He's a lover, and a gentleman, and he adores his Mommy.

But he also has to make sure he shows everyone his "musckules"

I am the luckiest Mommy ever! And I make good-lookin kids!

Something good...I'm going to AZ in April. Lissy is having a baby and I get to go for her birth! And play with my family and friends

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  1. Hooray for coming to AZ!! Try and save me a lunch or dinner time in your schedule! I'd love to see ya!