Monday, March 21, 2011

My Picasso

I mentioned that Sydnee was chosen for her school district's art contest, but until I went to parent-teacher conference I didn't understand how awesome that honor was. Sydnee was the ONLY kid chosen from her Elementary School K-3 to be in the district art contest. The art was displayed in the district office and we were lucky enough that we had a lot of family in town this past weekend (My sister Kadi got married, which is a whole other post) AND it was my other sister Klair's birthday so we had a huge day out. We all went to see Sydnee's art and then out to lunch. Later that evening we had Kadi's rehearsal dinner. It was a crazy weekend!

My Mom always permed my hair when I was younger, and she's not known for knowing how to do hair, so a lot of the time I had short untamed frizzy hair. My nickname was Cornpuff, which I absolutely hated. As soon as I could straighten my hair I did and I still only wear my hair curly with extreme caution. Sydnee has had curly hair since she was little. But a few year ago the top layer started to become straight as it got longer. Not wanting to loose my baby's curls I had her hair permed on the top layer (I do her hair so it was ok) Well there are so many days where I'm at work and I can't do Sydnee's hair, and the longer it gets the straighter it is. Sydnee asked me last week if she could have straight hair like me cause she didn't like when it was frizzy. I can not let her have the same insecurities so I took her to my hair dresser and we had her hair relaxed. She looks so much older, she no longer looks like my little curly haired baby. Actually that night she was turned away from me and for a moment I thought (who is that kid?)

Beautiful straight haired Sassy and Grandma Guchi

Me, birthday girl Klair and bride Kadi

Me and my siblings making smores (marshmallows are my favorite)

Sydnee's picture is the top middle a watercolor of a penguin diving

I'm so proud of her!

Something good....during the rehearsal, Beckham, the ring bearer walked down the aisle stopped at the bridesmaids and said "What's up ladies?" He's such a charmer!

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