Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another one bites the dust

My youngest sister Kadi got married last weekend. She married Jaykob Owens, he's in the Army and is set to be deployed to Afghanistan in May. It was a really cute wedding. Sydnee was a flower girl and Beckham was the ring bearer. We had a lot of family come into town and had an entire weekend together, I always feel like when a lot of people get together most of the time revolves around food.

Beautiful breathaking Sydnee was absolutely perfect! She's a pro flower girl (this is her 3rd time)

Beckham did really well. He was super cute, he walked up the aisle with the pillow then tried to give the pillow to "Uncle Jayk"

He's such a stud, he spent most of the day finding sticks in the forest

Beckham is always really cuddly with family during events with a lot of people. I noticed when I looked at my camera every other picture was of Beckham giving hugs

Becks and Poppop (my Dad)

Sydnee and "Stinky" Aunt Klair. When Sydnee was younger we would call Klair stinky and Sydnee thought it was so funny she calls her that

They told everyone to make silly faces and then Beckham wouldn't stop

Sydnee dancing with Ryan. During the Daddy-Daughter dance. This moment made my Grandma cry

Ryan and I

Beckham and Uncle Sean. Beckham LOVES his Uncle Sean, especially since Sean will spend hours pushing Beckham on swings and playing video games with him

Klair and Sean

Me, Uncle Rock (Rob), Kadi, Grandma Guchi, Kyle and Klair

Kadi and Jayk's first dance

She wanted to look like an ice princess

During the ceremony Jayk said "I do" 3 times before President Woodward read the entire vows. It was really cute! At the end he said "I do....again."

Mr. and Mrs. Owens

The wedding party

During the garter toss, the best man took off his shoes and we blindfolded Jayk so he was feeling up the bestman looking for the garter. It was hilarious!


HAHA!!! Everyone timed it so Jayk threw it at Kyle and everyone moved, Kyle didn't know what was happening but Jayk yelled his name and Kyle looked up just in time to catch the flying white thing coming toward him. He turned bright RED! Kyle swears he's never getting married but I've been looking into ordering a bride from Russia.... any thoughts?

While we were all decently coordinated and dressed we took some family pictures

I don't know which one I like best??

My absolutely ADORABLE babies! I love being a Mommy, they are so much fun!

Something good.... My Uncle Rock made me dutch oven peach cobbler! My absolute favorite!

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