Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm in love

I'm not usually a believer in "fate" I don't magically think the universe will provide my path... I pretty much believe I make my own path.

I could not stand the thought of taking Bella to a shelter, so I posted an add for her on Craigslist and waited for the right family. I was so completely heartbroken as she left and came back and then left again! Long story short, a really active father was looking for a running and hiking partner and he loved Bella. I cried when she left, but I was happy when he called to tell me how great she was doing and how much he loved her.

I've actually been half searching for a Goldendoodle puppy for over 6 months. Nothing too serious, I just knew that I wanted this breed of dog. Half golden retriever, half poodle, no shedding, good with kids.... Literally the day after Bells left there was a new post for Goldendoodle puppies, and at a price I couldn't give up. So we went and got to pick from three little girls. We chose the calm, adorable puppy who while her sisters were running around, she layed down at my feet. She is so far the most perfect puppy ever! I am completely in LOVE with this girl. The kids love her, she sleeps in my bed, she is already so spoiled!

We had two names to pick from and we decided to call her Daisy. Then, since she needs a longer name for her AKHC papers Sydnee wants a princess name, and Ryan wants his last name to be with someone... her official name is

Daisy Aurora Jorgensen

She really is this cute!
Something good... Ryan got a job promotion!!

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