Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bedtime Stories

I've already said that Sydnee and Beckham's favorite thing is when I lay in bed with them and tell them stories. Usually about them, cause I don't have the brainpower to make anything up. But tonight I told them it was their turn, I wanted them to tell me stories....

Beckham started
"So there was this bat named.....Batty!
And a boy named....Beckham!
And this bat was HUGE, and MEAN, and....GRUMPY!
And the bat said Beckham you can't win me in a fight
(no, that's not proper English but I'm quoting the 4 year old)

And Beckham got some rocks!
and he hit him in the head and he fell down!
And Beckham took his big sword and cut his head off!"

.....I think someone missed the point of David and Goliath

Sydnee's turn
"There were some puppies, and their Mom told them not to go outside of the gate.
But the littlest one went out of the gate into the forest.
And it started snowing!
And then he saw a.....

(Mom, what's the name of the Firefighter dog?

A dalmatian
And the dalmatian was mean and scared him away.
Then the puppy wanted to go home, but when he looked behind him all his footprints were wiped away by the snow.

His Mom came and whooped his butt?

No, then he saw a dog house covered in dog bones, and he was very hungry.
And he ate the dog bones and a big scary dog tried to eat him.
But then he saw the gate and his home so he ran home.
And then his Mom saw him....

And whooped his butt?

Yeah, probably a hundred times cause he ran away!"

Somehow I think she got a little Hansel and Gretel in that story

Something good....I love my kids!

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