Monday, February 21, 2011

Drinks, Disappointments, Dogs and Dates

Colorado weather is so unpredictable! One day it's -15, the next it's warm, then it's so windy Beckham thinks he can fly if only I will let him have 2 papers outside. Well, during the freezing cold we like to bust out some hot chocolate and light a fire in the fireplace.

Sydnee is the first one to start begging for hot chocolate

One of my favorite things about my house is having a wood burning fireplace!

My Valentine's Lillys have bloomed, my house smells AMAZING!!

My camera has completely died! Well it still turns on, but even in manual it won't focus, it freezes up....I'm so sad! I love my camera, and now I'm shopping for a new one. I'm looking at the Nikon D3100, but I'm completely open to suggestions!

Since I'm training for the triathlon (8 weeks!!!) I went and bought some proper running shoes. And since they're not very exciting I made sure I bought the brightest PINKest running laces I could find!

I love my dog. We've had Bella for 2 years. Sydnee picked her out when I decided that living alone with 2 kids would be less scary if I had a dog around. But lately we've been having some issues with her.

Bella is not a kid dog. She sees kids as something to herd, and to dominate over. Anytime other kids are at the house I have to put her in her kennel. She's fine with Beckham and Sydnee and mostly ignores them, but Beckham likes to roughhouse with the dog. And there have been 2 moments when I've seen Bella snap at Beckham when he's trying to play with her.
We had a dog Jack (who ran away) who was amazing with the kids. Sydnee and Becks would roll around on that dog and use him as a pillow.
So kids who are used to a dog that they can climb all over to a dog that snaps at them is just not okay. I've had to keep Bella outside or in her kennel, which isn't fair to her or to our family. So we're starting to look for a new home for Bells. Somewhere she is with older kids and adults. She is well behaved and LOVES me. She follows me around and she is would be a perfect dog if I didn't have kids. I will cry, because I really do love her. But she needs more room to run, people who can allow her to fully be a part of a family and not have to worry about the 4 year old pulling her tail. Wish me luck, that I can find a perfect fit for my Bells where I can feel like she has a happy home!

I was asked out on a date last weekend. Dinner and then Laser Tag.
We doubled with my friend Krystal and her boyfriend James. We tried to go bowling after dinner and ended up in a bowling alley bar waiting for a lane before we finally left for Laser Tag. While we were there I was floored by the fact that there was a Baby Shower in the bowling alley. It was a dirty, 80's music jukebox, jam-packed with people... And I can not think of anything classier than a baby shower in this setting. Yes, I was completely judgemental but it was just about the funniest thing and all I could think in my head was "You might be a redneck..."
As usual when we played Laser Tag, Ryan left me stranded! He ran away as soon as the game started and out of a full game he was ranked #3. While I was #28! Oh well, dating was nice and I made sure to take a pic at the end of the night.
I have this picture on my facebook and I've been getting comments about how Ryan looks like granite, or he looks so sad.... He's not angry, or sad, we tried taking a picture of him smiling and he looked like a little kid so he just didn't smile. That's it! No deeper meaning other than we didn't like the picture of him smiling.
We're trying to work on it. We're still not living together which has been a good step into not fighting. So we're together when we want to be together and we can both have space. But actually going on a date was nice. I don't know what will happen but if I can continue going out with that guy from this weekend then I have hope.

Something good....Texas Roadhouse Caesar Dressing! It is my absolute favorite stuff EVER! And you can buy just the dressing. I eat a spinach salad EVERYDAY with this dressing!

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  1. We bought the Canon T2i last year and absolutely love it! It takes amazing pictures. We took it to New York in November and we were so happy that we had a super nice camera to take such memoriable pictures. Check it out. I recommend it. I've had many Canon cameras over the years and have never had problems with them. I still have them all and they all still work.