Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sydnee Chronicles Volume 2

Sydnee is at the age of talking. She just talks all day! And especially being 7, she likes jokes and loves laughing.

The other night Sydnee was being sneaky and as I was laying next to our fire in the fireplace, a little voice from the top of the stairs asked if she could come cuddle with me? How am I supposed to resist that?

So finally she also talked her way into sleeping in bed with me. And Sydnee's favorite thing is to ask me to tell her stories of her. Her birth story, funny things she's done.... Well I was tired and told her it was her turn to tell me stories. She proceeded to try and tell me some jokes.

Her jokes don't make sense, She laughs so hard, but I just start laughing cause they don't mean anything. I started trying to explain what a joke was. How there should be a double meaning in the punch line. She kept trying and they almost seemed to be getting worse. 15 minutes of explaining and explaining, trying to help her understand how a joke works. Comedy is not her forte. Finally I told her I was tired and it was time to go to sleep.....

5 minutes of silence, I'm half asleep as I hear "Mommy?"

"Why did the turkey run away?"

groan "why?"

"Cause it didn't want to get gobbled up!!!!"


Something good.... ADORABLE pics that I just took of Morgan.

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