Monday, January 3, 2011


Wow! What a week! Be prepared cause there are a lot of pictures to follow.

Late one night I was staying up late and wrapping presents. I was putting them into the garage and I heard the scuffle steps of a HUGE MONSTER!!! I've been begging Ry to kill the monster but he's been slacking. So as I'm running for my life I tripped on the stair and fall onto my shoulder and promptly sprained my shoulder!


I couldn't get dressed, move or hold anything and it hurt! It was a miserable week for me.

Even with my hurt arm I could hold a camera with one hand. So Baby Morgan came over and we took some adorable Christmas pics. We wrapped my ottoman in the cutest paper, I'm saving this box for future photo sessions


We went again this year on the Santa (Polar) Express. It's so awesome! Hot chocolate, sugar cookies, pjs, good friends, we had a blast!

The conductor comes around and punches your ticket just like the movie

Lisa and Krystal! I love that my closest friends in CO have kids the same ages. We have a ton of fun playing together

As we arrived at the North Pole all the kids looked out to see...

He asked each kid what they wanted and gave them a sleigh bell
Sydnee asked for an American Doll

Becks asked for Chocolate Bars!

I think Santa pictures in pajamas are so adorable! We will be continuing this tradition every year! It's such a magical night

Christmas Eve, we continued our tradition with having dinner at the Lewis' house and having the kids act out the Nativity while Lisa reads from Luke

Mary and the Wiseman/Shepard

Sydnee actually asked to be an angel this year, but she's the only girl! I remember fighting with my cousins cause I was desperate to be Mary. But there are 6 Jones girl cousins within 6 years, it never happened.

The older kids take this so seriously, we're lucky the little boys kept their costumes on this year.

Sydnee is so perfect and loving

That night we put out of cookies and milk and set up a trap for Santa. My Dad did this when I was younger. We placed the camera and put the remote on the floor where Santa would step on it and have it go off. Sydnee kept walking from the fireplace to the tree to ensure that's where Santa would really step! So on Christmas morning the first thing we did was look to see if we caught him....

WE DID IT!!!! We got him! HAHA Santa we caught you! And Sydnee says you should drink all of your milk next time

My parents got the kids a Wii. This is Sydnee's actual face when she opened it

Sydnee got her American Doll, I love this doll I always wanted one

No matter what you give, NERF guns are always the favorite toy

Grandma Lisa sent the kids pajamas for Christmas, they love them!

Something good.... Beckham did get his chocolate bars, which he shared with me!

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