Monday, December 20, 2010

The Nutcracker

Sydnee LOVES the Nutcracker. It's one of her favorite holiday movies (the other is The Nightmare Before Christmas...she's a weird child)

She asked for a Nutcracker for Christmas last year and BEGGED this year for me to take her to see the Ballet. So I invited Krystal and her daughter Kayli and we had a girl's night.

Kayli doesn't like taking pictures, she refused to uncover her face.

Sydnee likes to grab the camera and boss me around with how to stand and how to smile, Krystal cracked up saying she wondered where Syd learned that??

Hmmm... I'm sure I don't know?

Krystal and I planned to actually get dressed up considering we both usually work 50-60hours a week and all we normally wear is scrubs. What we didn't plan was matching each other!

My sweet Sassy.

Sydnee got a new Nutcracker while waiting for the show. (It was only $1! Couldn't resist) Sydnee was absolutely giddy before the show. She was bouncing in her seat and would giggle randomly.

The show was AMAZING! I loved it, and I have a slight crush on Drosselmeyer (who knew I'd dig the eye patch?) After the show there was a Holiday Tea where cookies and drinks were served. The dancers walked around and talked to everyone. Sydnee got her picture with Clara and Fritz! (Haha! Notice Kayli in the corner? Gotcha!!!)
I love having magical memories! We will definitely be doing this every year.
Something good....I got a new photo editing program! So watch out for more pics

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