Tuesday, January 4, 2011



It's been 5 years

5 LONG, cold, hard, rewarding, shifting, freezing, changing, still can't believe I did it years

I went from this...
Sunshine, glorious sunshine. Lots of swimming and water, all my friend, family. Heat, comfort, warmth... did I mention I like warm temperatures?

To this

Strange land of green and cold, where the roads suck, I have to drive in the snow, I'm 13 hours away from my entire life. All so I could go to nursing school with the help of my parents, so Sydnee wouldn't have to be in daycare. (you better love me Sydnee!)
Know the phrase, "I went to ___ (fill in with your choice) and all I got was a tshirt?
I moved to Colorado and all I got was a Beckham!!!
Ahhh, alright it was already worth it, even if I have to stay here forever!
How exactly do you get a Beckham when you move to Colorado you say? You possibly want to move here and get one too???
Here's is the recipe of how you can accomplish that
-Family moves to Colorado.
-Father had job with health insurance takes a new job and has a one month gap of no insurance.
-Mother is forgetful and does not fill birth control before insurance gap.
-Couple is safe and then decides to go and visit AZ
-They discover they both forgot backup
----------------------- (this has been edited cause my Mom reads this and doesn't know I've even kissed a boy)
-Once insurance is reestablished, Mother goes to dr for new birth control only to discover there is no need cause there's already a baby.
*Follow steps in sequence to ensure proper mixture, bake for 40 weeks at 98.6 and voila!
Ok that's not entirely true, I did manage to make some incredible friends (although I still miss my AZ girls everyday)

There is one other thing that I post yearly about moving.

My first baby, my girl, my Natty, Sydnee's big sister....
I worked with Natty for 4 years. Everyday the bus would drop her off at my house and we would work together. She even came to the hospital when Sydnee was born. They were great friends. When we moved Nathaly's family moved to Arkansas.
I love her and always call her my first child.
Sometimes, time sucks and you start pulling away from keeping in touch with those closest to you. Maybe things aren't going so great in life and instead of telling people, you just try to only share good news. You lose people's phone numbers and addresses. And very frequently you think of that little girl (who would now be 12!!) and you send her love to wherever she is.
Something good... I've had a Beckham for 4 years!

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