Monday, December 12, 2011

Jones ParTAY!!

One of my favorite things about Christmas time is the annual Jones Family party. I really love my Jones family. I always thought I was so special being a part of this family, my cousins were some of my favorite friends and I always looked forward to when I could play with them. As we've all grown up and started families I know that I can count on seeing them at our Christmas party. I missed the past couple of years being in Colorado but I made sure I could make it this year. And again, I just love being a part of this family and truly feel like I have been blessed to be born into the Jones family.

 To honor my Grandfather we had a Dutch Oven Cowboy dinner. Beckham kept stealing cowboy hats

Cousin Blake, my brother Kyle and cousin Cardon

In my family it's traditional that the men cook our Dutch Oven dinners

Our matriarch and beautiful Grandmother

Later that night we went to the temple lights and the Mesa Temple and my kids insisted they wear their cowboy clothes the whole time

Me and cousin Margayle

Beckham and Uncle Bubba

There's a whole new generation of little trouble makers running around.
Mason, Gibson and Beckham

Beckham and Mason fixing the fence, as Beckham told me "like REAL cowboys!!"

Cousin Matthew

Missionaries are always invited to our parties

Aunt Maggie leading Mason and Beckham on Jessica

Cousin Trevor leading Sydnee

Uncle Rock (or Rob) who's always the lead cook. His dutch oven peach cobbler is my favorite

Poor Sydnee, there were 9 little boys and only 3 girls. And she kept complaining she didn't have anyone to play with. There are some girls her age but they weren't able to come. I joined her pouting on the trampoline

Two beautiful cowgirls

Something good.... I drove to AZ all by myself with 2 kids, and then we drove back all 13 hours in one day. My kids were amazing! Especially since the DVD player broke on the drive back. But they were really great in the car, Sydnee didn't get sick and Beckham didn't cry from being stuck in a car seat for so long. That is definitely something good!

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