Thursday, November 17, 2011


I was one of the first. I swear beyond all that is precious and dear, I was one of the first. I've spread this addiction and caused others to also have the love. I loved him first, and while I really hate dislike the whole, so much cheesy publicity there are tshirts at Walmart, I still have to love him. But even with the cheesy, I'm still addicted enough that I'm going to be awake for 6 more hours after working a 12 hour day. And even though I think I'm too mature, I will probably squeal like a 13 year old when I get to see him tonight.

Ah Edward Cullen, you can climb in my bedroom window anytime!

Something good.... I haven't actually spent any time with Li in the past few months. Crazy jobs, crazy family life...sometimes I'm just crazy. But I'm really excited to see my girl and spend a few hours just getting to enjoy life! (I may be really cranky tomorrow though, watch out!)

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