Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

Last year I found the coolest bridge on a bike path where I took Halloween pictures. This year our day was CRAZY! So crazy I took Syd out of school early so we could get everything done! While I was making homemade butternut squash soup (Ryan's fav, he was begging for me to make it) and pumpkin bread pudding, and getting Dash ready for his school party, and going to work to visit a few patients, and wondering if Ryan eats butter in his sleep because I had just bought a WHOLE pack around Syd's bday and I can't make the beloved soup without it, and making Jack-O-Lantern grilled cheese and cleaning my house BEFORE I had my parents over for dinner with said yummy foods, went to the ward Trunk-Or-Treat (best way ever to score a lot of candy) with our brand new Jeep Commander (I may post a love blog about it later) then trick or treating for a few hours INCLUDING one family in our ward who makes homemade doughnuts. After while coming home and trying to wrestle 2 kids out of makeup and costumes and taking the candy hidden in their pockets to force them to bed. And then washing my hair FIVE TIMES and realizing that the "wash out" dye had dyed my hair permanently....

I took some pictures of my adorable kids

Sydnee decided this year that she was going to be a witch, she obsessed over the costume catalog and finally picked an outfit. Meanwhile probably while I was sleep deprived at work, I apparently bid on a costume off Ebay... and won. Literally didn't know it for DAYS! But I'm glad I got it and she was super cute!

In our house, we normally have costumes picked out for MONTHS before Halloween. And basically for at least 6 months, Beckham has known he was going to be Dash. After watching the Incredibles one day, he insisted that I call him Dash. And he fit that role perfectly, so Dash it was. I actually have let his hair grow out longer so he could be closer to character.

With Sass it was all about the accessories. Which witch hat? (haha I'm so funny) What broom, do these tight have the right color of orange, are these boots cute enough.... I think it turned out perfect! 

Becks wasn't exactly thrilled that his costume has muscles, he didn't want that. But his Mommy procrastinated so long that it was the only Dash costume left, literally, I mean it's actually a size too big, but I had gone to 4 stores and it was the only one I found. As soon as Becks put on his costume he would RUN!!! All around the house, across the church parties, from house to house trick or treating.... RUN!

There are no exact words to describe how adorable I find this picture. One of my favorite parts about Beckham being Dash is that he would frequently attack people (usually Ryan) and say
"stop picking on my sister!"

The witch casting a spell and Dash running SUPER FAST!

Yes, by a last minute shopping moment, I called Ry at work and told him he was going to be Fred Flinstone. Good thing he realized how serious I can be about it cause he even shaved (most) his face. Our costumes were a HIT with the adults, and all of the kids would look at us and say "you're cavemen?" What injustice has come to the children of America if they do not even know who The Flinstone's are? Good, clean family cartoons have been replaced by Spongebob??

My prego sister Klair, LOVES M&M's. She's collected them for years. So for her baby bump, she was the Green M, complete with white GoGo boots. I'm really excited for her to find out what the baby is next month (Go team GIRL!) Beckham wants her to have a boy, and then name it Beckham, so he can have a twin!

Something good.... A 4 wheel drive vehicle!!! And possibly having to dye my hair darker, well at least Ryan thinks that's good. I like it blonde

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