Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holy Moley Iannoli!

Another awesome thing we got to do in AZ was get to see Rex. The kids and I met up with him at the Rainforest Cafe and had a lot of fun.

Mommy and her baby

Rex and his mini-me

Becks looks exactly like Rex, he has my nose but beyond that he's a clone. I've always thought that besides the dimple and  mole Sydnee was all mine. I hear a lot how much she looks like I did as a kid. But seeing this picture I realized that she really also does look like Rex. Either way, she's adorable!

The kids had a blast!

The other reason we got to go to AZ was for the Iannoli Family Christmas party! The whole family minus 2 people were there! These are 17 of the 19 Iannoli grandkids, let's see if I can name them all.... L to R

 Coty, Noelle, Brianna, Sydnee, Randy, Adam, Christa, Dominic, Spencer, Annie, Ezra, Tenille, Noah, Beckham, Greg, Zach and Adessa (missing Bria and Emma)

After the dinner party we went to the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights. I love seeing the temple lights, it's such an incredible feelings just stepping onto the grounds. I love this family! 
I am always nervous going into situations with the kids, but I was absolutely thrilled with how things went. We really did have a lot of fun, the kids had a blast and it's good to mend some broken bridges. 

Something good... Santa Express train on Friday!!! Can't Wait!

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